What Is A Pre - Order?

So, when a brand does a pre-order release this means samples are made to show off, which are 1 of 1/in - person pieces so you know what you are purchasing as this lets the brand make more colorways available in that sample and more designs/clothing items without getting them made with their manufacturer just yet. Once the main idea has been created the website is then opened from Friday to Monday morning, where on that Monday morning the design files and quantities that were ordered by the customers are then sent to the manufacturer to make.Understand the process takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on the item after placing an order. 
So, for example if you ordered January 21st, you shouldn’t be freaking out to the company on the 18th of February. If your order is not at least updated with tracking by March 18th, which is 2 months later then there is reason to contact us.